Traffic Concerns

Review of proposed 20MPH speed limit in Kington Langley

The following article has been written by a villager and his analysis is planned to be discussed at the Parish Council meeting on May 13th in the Union Chapel at 7.45pm. Please either attend this meeting to express your view or provide feedback to Kington Langley Parish Clerk.

Please click here  for a review of available data on the pro’s and con’s of such a 20MPH speed limit written by Mr. G Bone.



Contrary to the article for the May magazine, the 20mph speed limit proposal has not been considered by the Chippenham Area Transport Group (CATG), which does not meet until June.  Nor has the paper referred to been unreservedly endorsed by the Principal Traffic Engineer, nor does it replace that engineer’s current official advice, given in December 2018 to a meeting of residents.  That advice was that

“A 20mph limit would be an option subject to a full assessment and must meet the minimum length of speed limit of 600m to be legally enforceable”.

Therefore if the village decided to request it, there would be a further official assessment of the proposal by the engineer and his team before any limit could be considered or introduced.  For the sake of clarity, contrary to the article in the May edition of the village magazine, the paper referred to and on this website does not amount to that assessment.

In 2016 a petition signed by over 230 villagers asked the Parish Council to seek to “reduce and enforce the speed limit” in the village.  The Parish Council has kept that issue on its agenda and under consideration for two years, with frequent reports and articles in the village magazine.  The Community Speed Watch group has been operating for a year to confirm the extent of the problem, and the issue of speed and traffic, including the 20 mph proposal, is due to be discussed at the AGM of the Parish Council on Monday 13 May in the Chapel at 7.45pm.

The subject is due to be considered by the CATG in June and, if supported by that Group, a formal assessment of the feasibility of a limit of some kind will be commissioned.  The village will then receive a professionally prepared report by the traffic engineers for its consideration.  Thereafter villagers will have the chance to review the results and discuss the way ahead.

Simon Cooper
on behalf of KL Community Speed Watch


Traffic Concerns in Kington Langley

July 17 update.

The Parish Council are asking for volunteers to help co-ordinate and run the Community Speed Watch.

All volunteers will need to fill in the NEW Volunteer Application Vetting Form May2017 v1 application form.  The first training date available is Wednesday 20th September 4-6pm. We are hoping to get as many people as possible to come on that day so we can get started. We have had 8 volunteers so far.

The Parish Council would welcome even more volunteers to take part in the official training on 20th September for the village Speed Watch campaign.  Would those wishing to be included please email their names to  If you need any more information please do not hesitate to get in touch via the above email address.


The following are comments from the group of interested individuals who have prepared a proposal as an input to the Parish Council in December 2016.

Dear residents of Kington Langley,

There has been concern for some time that a large number of vehicles are passing though Kington Langley with disregard for the speed and weight restrictions. These vehicles pose a threat to the community’s safety and peaceful enjoyment of our village.

Having conducted a recent survey (Sept/Oct 2016), there are a significant number of residents who are extremely concerned about the traffic and would support measures to slow traffic down and enforce the speed and weight restrictions.

In response to this, a group of interested individuals have come together to make a proposal for the Parish Council to put forward to the relevant authorities in Wiltshire. The email address to contact this group of interested individuals is .

The input document provided to the Parish Coucil is available here – Traffic Proposal Final 27.11.16

December 2016 Parish Council Meeting

This problem was discussed at this meeting and the following is the relevant minute from the Kington Langley Parish Council meeting held on Monday 12th December 2016. The complete version of these minutes is available here- DRAFT Minutes 12.12.16

128.16 Traffic Calming Proposals – A report quoting traffic concerns of many residents of Kington Langley together with proposed solutions has been received and circulated to all members. Also, a petition carrying 226 names was handed to the Clerk at this meeting. The Petition asks the Parish Council to action a plan to reduce and enforce the speed limits and traffic restrictions through the village.

Members noted the concerns and proposals on the report.

Cllr Dixson briefed all present that the annual budget for highways improvement works is only around £17,000 for the whole Chippenham area.

The Clerk and Cllr Dixson had discussed the document with the Highway Engineer.

Taking advice from the Wiltshire Council Highway Engineer, it was suggested and agreed by the authors of the report to establish four speeding hot spots in the village and metro counts will be requested to quantify the scale of the problem. Wiltshire Council can then undertake the metro-counts and will report the data to the Parish Council for comment. In that way, a case for remedial action can be established.

Wiltshire Cllr Greenman agreed to speak to the Northern Area Planning Officer for advice.

For information, a copy of the report will be posted on the website together with these minutes.