Thermal Imaging

Get your home checked with our Thermal Imaging Camera Scheme

We are pleased to announce that the parish council has purchased a thermal imaging camera, and we have volunteers happy to visit your home and help you understand any insulation issues you may have.

The camera highlights “hot spots” outside the house and “cold spots” inside, which may indicate draughts, or poor insulation. Many of the issues found can be cheap to fix.

Our volunteers have been practising with the camera, and are happy to visit. There is no charge for a visit, and the visit is confidential.

If interested, please email your name, address, phone number, and some suggested dates/times to, and someone will be in touch.

Further information:

  • Any household, business, or organisation in Kington Langley is welcome to request a visit.
  • The camera takes thermal images, which can be downloaded on to your computer.
  • It works best if the heating has been on for an hour or more before the visit, to emphasize the difference between inside and outside.
  • Some of our volunteers are young, and may bring a companion for safeguarding purposes. You will be given the name(s) of those visiting before the  visit.
  • The volunteer(s) will only come at the specified time, and will be prepared to show “id” on arrival.
  • Thermal imaging works best when there’s a 10 degree difference between inside and out; it is best done in the evenings, but cold, dry overcast days are also OK
  • A visit will be curtailed or cancelled in bad weather (as we want to protect the camera).
  • If the visit is in the evening, please have a torch on-hand to help the volunteer move safely outside the property.
  • The visit is confidential, in that we will not publish details of who and where visits have taken place, and what issues were found. However summarised statistics will be used to report on the scheme’s achievements.
  • If you live on your own, we request that you ask a relative, neighbour or friend to join you for the duration of the visit.
  • If you wish, you can operate the camera yourself once the volunteer has demonstrated it to you. Please follow the advice given by the volunteer, to keep the camera safe and get useful images.
  • The volunteer will not enter loft spaces or other areas felt to be unsafe.
  • Any pets at the property are friendly with strangers, or kept away.
  • Please contact the volunteer if you suspect COVID cases at the property.
  • Finally, please remember the volunteer is not a professional builder or energy consultant; they are there to take pictures and leave you with a better idea of potential issues to tackle
  • The volunteer has no insurance, and offers no warranties or liabilities for advice given or recommendations made

If you wish to help with this scheme, then you would be most welcome! Please email

Some example thermal images are shown below (click them to enlarge the image):


Thermal image of the outside of a house Thermal image of a door Thermal image of a loft trap door Thermal image of a trap door