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Welcome to the Kington Langley village website! Kington Langley is a small but vibrant village in Wiltshire situated between Chippenham and the M4 motorway in Wiltshire, England.



Get your home checked with our Thermal Imaging Camera Scheme
We are pleased to announce that the parish council has purchased a thermal imaging camera, and we have volunteers happy to visit your home and help you understand any insulation issues you may have.

The camera highlights “hot spots” outside the house and “cold spots” inside, which may indicate draughts, or poor insulation. Many of the issues found can be  cheap to fix.

Our volunteers have been practising with the camera, and are happy to visit. There is no charge for a visit, and the visit is confidential.

If interested, please email your name, address, phone number, and some suggested dates/times to camera@kingtonlangley.org, and someone will be in touch.
Please see the booking conditions page for more details, and booking conditions.

If you wish to help with this scheme, then you would be most welcome! Please email getinvolved@kingtonlangley.org.

Wild About Kington Langley

Information regarding the Parish Council plan to reduce the mowing of particular areas in the village

Results of the KLimate Survey

These are now available here.

The Kington Langley Parish Council Annual Governance and Accountability Return for 2021/22 is availble from this link.

Parish Council Meetings

Next Meeting – April 3rd
Union Chapel at 7.30pm
Last meeting – March 13th March

Parish News

The Great House has been converted into a Hotel / Conference centre and will soon be open. It is now called Kin House and more details are available from www.kinhouse.co.uk
Hit or Miss – is still derelict and for sale.
The Plough – has now been sold and is not currently a pub.

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