Notice of Vacancy


Kington Langley Parish Council regard your privacy as important and any personal information given in any correspondence will only be used to enable the Parish Council to conduct its business and will be in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018. Therefore it may be necessary to store information by electronic means or and as hard copy files.  If you do not wish this, please inform the Clerk.


Thank you.

Documents from the external audit for 18/19 are available here.
Our insurance certificate is available here 

The pre-audited accounts for Kington Langley Parish Council are now available by clicking here

The accounts for the period ending 31st March 2020 are available for inspection as per this information


Notice of Vacancy


Parish Council Meetings

The August meeting of the Kington Langley Parish council will again be held by Zoom video-conference on Monday August 10th starting at 19.35 for 19.45. The agenda for this meeting is available here.


The July meeting of the Kington Langley Parish was held by Zoom video-conference on Monday July 13th starting at 19.45. The documents for this meeting are available here:


The June meeting of the Kington Langley Parish council was held by Zoom video-conference on Monday June 8th starting at 19.45. The documents for this meeting were:


The May meeting was held via Zoom Videoconference on Monday May 11th at 19.45.  
Documents for the May 2020 Parish Council meeting
Agenda for May 2020 KL PC meeting
May 2020 – For Information page for Web
KL PC Minutes March 9th 2020
Notes of KL PC updates by email for April 2020
W C 2020 Annual Parish Report
KLVH Report to KLPC. 4. May 2020_

All future meetings start at 7.45pm and will be held virtually by Zoom until further notice. The agenda for each meeting will provide the details on how to join the virtual meeting from your PC (audio & video) or from your landline or mobile phone (audio only) 

Monday 10th August

Monday 14th September

Monday 12th October

Monday 9th November

Monday 14th December



Parish Council Meeting Minutes​


 Date Minutes Report for Parish Magazine (click to enlarge)
 June 8th 2020
(meeting held by Zoom)
KLPC Final Draft Minutes June 8th 2020
 April 2020
(meeting held by email)
Notes of KL PC updates by email for April 2020 Report not available
 Monday 9th March 2020 KL PC Minutes March 9th 2020 Report not available
 Monday 10th February 2020

PC Draft Mins 12 02 20

 Monday 13th January 2020

Final Draft PC Mins Jan 20

 Monday 19th December 2019

Draft PC Minutes Dec 19

 Monday 11th November 2019

Final Draft PC Minutes 11th Nov 19

 Monday 21st Oct 2019

Final Draft minutes of Oct 19 PC

 Monday 9th Sept 2019

Draft PC Minutes for Sept 19

 Monday 12th August 2019

Draft Minutes 12th Aug 19 PC meeting

 Monday 8th July 2019

PC Minutes 8th July 19

 Monday 10th June 2019

PC June 19 Minutes

 Monday 13th May 2019

Draft PC Minutes 31st May 19


 Monday 13th April 2019

Final Draft PC Mins Apr 19


 Monday 11th March 2019

Final Draft minutes March 19 PC


 Monday 11th February 2019

PC Minutes Feb 19 final draft


 Monday 14th January 2019 PC Final Draft Minutes 14th Jan 19
 Monday 10th December 2018 PC Draft Minutes 10 Dec 18
 Monday 12th November 2018 Pc Draft Minutes 12th Nov 18
  October 2018 KLPC 8th Oct Minutes
 Monday 17th September 2018 PC draft Minutes Sept 18  
 Monday 13th August 2018 Final Draft Minutes 13th Aug 18  
 Monday 9th July 2018 Final Draft 9th July 18 Minutes
 Monday 11th June 2018 Draft PC 110618
 Monday 14th May 2018 PC 14th May 18 Minutes  
 Monday 17th April 2018
– DRAFT APM Minutes
DRAFT APM 18 Minutes  
 Monday 09th April 2018 PC Draft Minutes 09Apr18  
 Monday 12th March 2018 PC Final Minutes March 18  
 Monday 12th February 2018 DRAFT Minutes 120218  
 Monday 9th January 2018 PC Minutes 090118  
 Monday 11th December 2017  Dec17 – Draft Minutes  
 Monday 13th November  2017  Minutes 13.11.17  
 Monday 9th October  2017  Minutes 9.10.17  
 Monday 4th September 2017  KLPC Sept 17 Minutes  
 Monday August 2017  PC Minutes 140817  
 Monday 10th July 2017  KL PC Minutes 10 July 2017  
 Monday 12th June 2017  KL PC Minutes 12 Jun 17 -1  
 Monday May 8th 2017
– Annual Parish Meeting
  Mins May 8th 17  
DRAFT APM Minutes – 25/04/17 Draft Minutes APM 25.4.17  
 Monday 10th April 2017  10th Apr 2017 Final Minutes -1  
 Monday 13th March 2017  Minutes 13.3.17  
 Monday 13th February 2017  Mins 13.2.17  
 Monday 9th January 2017  Draft Mins 9.1.17  
December 12th 2016 Minutes 14.11.16  
November 14th 2016 Minutes 14.11.16  
October 10th 2016 draft-mins-10-10-16  
September 9th 2016 draft-minutes-12-9-16  
August 8th 2016 PC Minutes 8.8.16  
August 1st 2016 – Extraordinary meeting Final draft Minutes ex ord 1 8 16  
 July 11th 2016  Minutes 11.7.16  
 June 13th 2016   Minutes 13.6.16  
 May 16th 2016  mins-9-5-16  
 April 11th 2016  Minutes 11.4.16  
 March 14th 2016  Final minutes 13.4.15  
 Feb 8th 2016  Minutes 8.2.16  
 Jan 11th 2016  Minutes 11.1.16  
 Dec 14th 2015  Minutes 14.12.15  
 Nov 9th 2015  Minutes 9.11.15  
 Oct 12th 2015  Minutes 12.10.15  
 Sep 14th 2015  Minutes 14.9.15  
 August 10th 2015  Minutes 10.8.15  
 July 13th 2015  Minutes 13.7.15  
 June 8th 2015  Minutes 8.6.15  
 May 11th 2015  Final Minutes 11.5.15  
 April 13th 2015  minutes 13.4.15  
 March 9th 2015  Minutes 9.3.15  
February 9th 2015 Minutes 9.2.15  
January 12th 2015  Mins 12.1.15  

Annual Parish Meeting 2019

The Annual Parish Meeting for 2019 will be  held on Tuesday 23rd April at the Union Chapel at 19.30.

Here is the agenda for the APM 2019 meeting – APM agenda 2019
Here are the DRAFT minutes of the 2018 meeting DRAFT APM 18 Minutes

The following documents have been received so far for the 2019 meeting:


Annual Parish Meeting 2018

The Annual Parish Meeting for 2018 will be  held on Tuesday 17th April at the Union Chapel at 19.30.

Here is the agenda for the APM 2018 meeting

Here are the minutes of the 2017 meeting – Minutes APM 25.4.17
Here are the DRAFT minutes of the 2018 meeting DRAFT APM 18 Minutes

The following documents have been received so far for the 2018 meeting:

  1. Council Tax and the Parish Precept 2018-19
  3. Defib report 2018
  4. Parish Council Report 17.04.18
  5. CIO Report to APM

Annual Parish Meeting 2017

The Annual Parish Meeting for 2017 was held on Tuesday 25th April at the Union Chapel.

The minutes of this meeting will not be formally approved until the Annual Parish meeting for 2018, but here is a copy of the draft Annual Parish Meeting minutes for the 2017 meeting.

(Minutes of the 2016 Annual Parish Meeting are available by Clicking here)

Transparency Code information for 2017-18

TC Docs FY2017-18

Transparency Code information for 2016-17

Transparency Code Introduction
The Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 sets out a new audit framework for local public authorities which are currently covered by the Audit Commission regime. Under the new audit framework smaller authorities, including parish councils with an annual turnover not exceeding £25,000 will be exempt from routine external audit. In place of routine audit, smaller authorities will be subject to new transparency requirements laid out the Transparency Code for smaller authorities published by the Department for Communities and Local Government, December 2014.
This document is published to meet the requirements of the Transparency Code.


Transparency Code information for 2015-16

Page 1/2 – Expenditure Summary 2015/16           2015-16 KLPC Ex ACC Page 1&2
Page 3 – Annual Return Accounting Statement  TC Doc Page 3
Page 4 – Bank Reconciliation 2015/16                  KLPC 2015-16 AUDIT TC Bank Reconciliation page 4
Page 5 – Explanation of variances 2015/16          KLPC 2015-16 AUDIT TC Explan. of Variances page 5
Page 6 – Annual Governance Statement 2015/16 TC Doc Page 6
Page 7 – Annual Internal Audit Report 2015/16   TC Doc Page 7
Page 8 – List of Councillors and Responsibilities KLPC 2015-16 TC Contact Details Page 8
Page 9 – Register of Assets                                    KLPC 2015-16 TC Register of Assets Page 9
Audit Certificate                                                     klpc-audit-cert-fy2015-16